The Studio

Photo Sessions are conducted in a purpose built studio within a family home, complete with professional studio lights.
Due to the unpredictablility of children, I don’t run sessions in half hour or hour slots. Instead there is one charge for the session, that within reason, will last until we get some photos we are happy with. Sometimes that can be 10 mins or sometimes it’s an hour!
Either way, I want you to be happy with the results, not force you to buy photos you don’t like.
Photos are printed on the highest quality FujiFilm Crystal Archive photographic paper, which produces prints that are guaranteed fade resistant for 150 years!
To book a session, please use the contact page to make arrangements.

Photo Sessions cost £20 per family.

What to Wear

Footwear – Shoes can be worn if preferred as long as they don’t have dark soles. Unfortunately dark soles leave marks on the studio floor. However, if you have a particular pair of shoes/boots that you would like included on the photo, like Doc Martins, please ask before scheduling a photo shoot.

Socks – Try and avoid white socks as they tend to disappear into the white floor and you end up looking like you have no feet. Black socks are much better than white, but colourful socks work best and socks with no holes in work even better!

Loose Tops – These can be a bad idea especially for the ladies. To prevent revealing things that shouldn’t be revealed, including straps etc, it is best to wear a top with a close fitting neckline.

White & Light Clothing – This can be worn but please note that the studio is a white room and therefore tend to get lost in the background. However, this is not a problem when the intention is to use a black or coloured background.

Dark Clothing – Blacks, Navy Blue and other dark clothing, ideally should be avoided. These tend to loose their detail especially in B&W photos. Bold colours are different and tend to work really well.

Where possible bring a selection of cloths with you to the photo shoot. We will then be able to advise on what will work best depending on your requirements.


Well behaved pets are welcome in the studio as long as they are dry. No muddy paws please.


Props make for great interesting photographs. If you have a hobby or interest, that involves special equipment or clothing that defines your interest, why not bring it along for to the photo shoot. This can also include toys and cuddly toys for children.